You know how bad things get and then they get worse?

Well… It’s been real people of tumblr. I have to sign out of this… I started this cause of a college friend, Meme, and I thought her brother was dope then my blog grew bigger than I imagined. I connected with people on here that I never thought I could reach..the power of the Internet always amazes me… I’m going to be gone for a lil while… Maybe when I’m old and there’s only one computer in my nursing home… I’ll log back in. Honestly though, I really wish everyone of you sheer happiness and I wish I had something more poetic to say, but this was an unfortunate spontaneous decision. I hope you make it wherever you are trying to go in life. As a matter of fact I hope we all do. If not, I’ll see you on the other side.

Over & Out,



"Where are we going?"
"Out of our minds"
Across the Universe (2007)


Do not allow people to mispronounce your name


Flying Lotus Photo by Todd Mazer
😛   H(eye)

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